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Home Automation

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Convenience & Comfort, Simple Control

While everyone else seems to be jumping on the smart home band wagon, we pride ourselves on being experts in the industry with over 36 years of experience. Liberty Bell Smart Home is a Pinnacle and Premier dealer for both Control4 and Alarm.com smart home automation control systems.

Over the years we have created some of the most complex home and business automation solutions for our clients who expect the best in smart home automation.

Smart home automation is the convergence of technology and convenience, allowing the digital devices that you use every day—TVs, audio equipment, lights, security panels, thermostats, and so on—to work together. By allowing everything in the house to work together, with the ability to control it all from one easy-to-use interface—whether it's a touch screen, remote control, keypad, or even your smartphone—your home suddenly and automatically becomes more comfortable, convenient and secure.

So, what does this mean? Most often when your family sits down to enjoy a movie, it takes at least three or four remotes to get the movie playing. Then after the movie finally begins, you must get up and turn off or dim the lights. With home automation, you only need one remote to do all of that. With a simple press of a button, all the devices involved (TV or projector, Blu-ray player, media player, receiver) will all set themselves to the correct inputs and your lights will automatically dim to your desired level.

What happens if you forget to close your garage? Not a problem with smart home automation. You can access all the devices in your home—including that neglected garage door—no matter where you are. Simply log in to your home from a computer, smartphone or tablet and close the garage door instantly. Turn your smartphone, tablet or laptop into the ultimate remote for your smart home automation system.