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Video Intercom

Communicate In Your Home Like Never Before

We offer a wide range of video intercom packages designed to provide effortless communication. We consider design and style considerations by installing attractive face plates, touch panels and outdoor rated door stations that blend into your decor.

Our most popular system utilizes video intercom capabilities and integration with our Control4 and solutions. When a visitor rings your doorbell or pulls up to the gate on your property it rings inside the house over your speaker system, touch panels and even your mobile devices. You can then communicate with whoever is at the front door or gate and you can even execute a trigger to open the gate or unlock the door (if you have the compatible relay control/door lock) or smart home app to let the visitor in.

Communicate in your home like never before. Whether you are broadcasting to everyone in the house or paging an individual room. We make it easy. Not only do our touch panels offer intercom technology but they can fully control your homes audio/video, climate, security, pool/spa and other sub systems. No more "wall acne" or cluttering up the walls with multiple keypads and controls for multiple systems.